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Over View of the Buyer Process

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Agent Training – The Pros & Cons of Being The Buyer’s Agent

Agent Training – Reactionary Vs Strategic Buyer Agents

A Buyer MUST first be Pre-Approved!

Below are the BEST Tips for working Buyers:

Ask the RIGHT Questions. Price Range, Location, Beds/Baths/Garage/Basement

Set Your Buyers up in MLS With OPEN search criteria on the LOCATION and TYPE of Home

Reach out every 3 days to Schedule 2-3 Showings

How to Submit an Offer

Schedule the Home Inspection ASAP

Generally the Listing Agent creates the Purchase & Sale after the Inspection

Encourage your Buyers to Respond to their Lender Quickly

Keep the Energy Calm – Use the Words: this is Standard, Very Common, Happens Often

Bring a Branded Key-Chain to EVERY Closing and Take A SELFIE with your Clients! POST IT!

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“The Definition of a Buyer – One Who Buys”

“In Order to Buy a House a Buyer must have both the MONEY and the DESIRE  to own  home.” – Gualter Amarelo