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“Listings are your best form of Leverage, You have to List to Last” – Gualter Amarelo

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Seller Preparation

How To Use Our CMAs

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How To Run Comps and Proper Pricing Strategies

Word Doc Overview:

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Why do you need to read my CMA ahead of time?

– know what the investor offer is – how does it compare to retail, etc.

– has a lot of the baseline data that you need:

● Zillow
● Assessed value
● Public record
● Mortgage balance
● Basic retail comps
● Street scene  – all of the properties that sold on that particular street in the past 5 years
● And much more

These items tell a story and paint a picture.  They also tell us about the potential motivation for the person, when they bought the house whether they can even accept a cash offer, etc.  

If you dig in to the CMA, it will tell you a story.

Why do you need to run your own comps?

● Mine are for investment purposes
● Retail is frequently going to be off
● You need to know more than 2 comps
● You need to double check my retail number
● Need to be able to defend comps when negotiating both the investor side or the listing side

The paperwork that you need to bring 



What is in Sellers

-listing pres highlights

– mandatory disclosure

– p and s

– listings

– lead paint

What is in Buyers

– Agency disclosure
– Buyer agency contract
– Buyer needs analysis
– Offer page
– Contingency page

Mindset necessary before an appointment – and ideas to get yourself in the proper state of mind

On the drive – block out the noise – what gets you motivated – music, audiobooks, motivational videos on youtube?

Check your problems at the door – nobody wants to hear about your problems or be around someone who is negative

The Research That You Should Do On the Client

You need to be prepared to engage them on a personal level

The internet is our friend

● Facebook
● Linkedin
● Google

Need information ahead of time in order to build rapport

F.O.R.D. – Family, occupation, recreation, dreams

Family – facebook

Occupation – linkedin and facebook, sometimes google

Recreation – facebook, sometimes google

Dreams – linkedin and facebook, sometimes google

You can pick up a lot of this information on the appointment but even better if you can get some ammunition AHEAD of time

To confirm or not to confirm your appointment 

No definite answer

I recommend always showing – there are so many times where an appointment gets booked, we try to confirm, the person doesn’t confirm, we don’t show up and then the seller calls us angry 

Other tips and tricks that are essential to leaving a good first impression

● Show up on time – some people won’t do business with you if you are late – or you’ll be fighting an uphill battle
● Dress – are you legitimate – probably the first time they’ve ever met you
● Drive by ahead of time – both their house and some of them comps – you need to be able to focus on the seller on the face to face – not on the actual house itself